Austria 47.491408, 13.474638 193° 1,460m

Loseggalm, Austria

31 Jul 2010

On the way to the farmed alp “Losegg” in the Lammer Valley region in Austria, this panorama shot captured the view to the north along the valley. To the right of the picture you can see the northern end of the Gosaukamm (mountain ridge) with the peaks of the “Kleiner Donnerkogel” (1,916m), the “Grosser Donnerkogel” (2,054m), the “Steinriesenkogel” (2,008m), and the “Strichkogel” (2,034m).The mountain range in the left of the panorama is called “Tennengebirge”. To get to the alp itself you have to follow the path to the right. As soon as you pass through the trees, you will see it sitting on a flat right below the picturesque peak of the “Bischofsmütze” (Bishop’s Hat).

Gosaukamm at dawn

Austria 47.497925, 13.452896 130° 1,140m

Gosaukamm at dawn, Austria

31 Jul 2010

Living in the Alps (at least for a few days/weeks per year) has some great advantages. This panorama is one of them. You can just wait for the right moment when the sun is setting and get a shot like this. The Gosaukamm is an impressive mountain ridge which thrones above the Lammer valley. The main peaks (from left to right) are the “Kleiner Donnerkogel” (1,916m), the “Großer Donnerkogel” (2,054m), the “Steinriesenkogel” (2,008m), the “Strichkogel” (2,034m), the “Angerstein” (2,100m), the “Mandlkogl” (2,279m), the “Großwand” (2,415m), and finally the “Bischofsmütze” (2,458m). The panorama is taken from a hill opposite of the Mauerreith parking lot. Zoom in to see the mountains in more detail.

Hunter's Track

Austria 47.502310, 13.487856 250° 1,380m

Hunter's Track, Austria

01 Aug 2010

The Hunter’s Track (Jägersteig) is a very steep trail up to the “Theodor-Körner-Hütte” (a catered hut) and the “Stuhlalm” (a catered alp). Above the trail, the “Austriasteig” – a hiking track that goes through the entire coutry – passes by. Once you reached about two thirds of the incline, this fabulous view opens up in front of you. The “Angerstein” (2,100m), the “Mandlkogl” (2,279m), the “Großwand” (2,415m), and the “Bischofsmütze” (2,458m) are pictured in this panorama shot. In the far right of the picture you can see the “Durchgangsscharte” which is a large crack in the rock where the Austriasteig passes through. It’s even steeper than the Hunter’s Track but has some great views over the Lammer valley at about 1,600m above sea level.


Austria 47.505527, 13.484242 360° 1,460m

Stuhlalm, Austria

01 Aug 2010

You came up the Hunter’s Track and are exhausted from this 250m elevation incline? Well, now you get rewarded with this view – and there are also two catered huts (the “Theodor-Körner-Hütte” and the “Stuhlalm”) just a couple hundred meters away from there! This 360° panorama shot begins on the left with the Austriasteig and the beginning of the descent to the Hunter’s Track. I’m not quite sure of the mountain range in the far distance a little further right: it’s either part of the “Steinernes Meer” (Rocky Ocean) or the “Hochkönig” mountain range. The mountains in the middle are the “Tennengebirge” which is followed by the northern end of the Lammer valley. Below the “Gosaukamm” mountain ridge on the right with the “Bischofsmütze” in the far right corner, the Austriasteig continues. Zoom in to see the full panorama and more detail.


Austria 47.486793, 13.49644 216° 1,640m

Sulzkaralm, Austria

14 Aug 2010

This panorama shot was taken just above the alp “Sulzkaralm” on the Austriasteig (the trail you can see on the right). The two valleys are the “Neubachtal” and the southern part of the “Lammertal”. The northern end of the latter is captured in this panorama. The Sulzkaralm shot was taken in the morning of the first day of a two-day round trip around the Gosaukamm. The following panorama pictures of Gosaukamm I, Gosaukamm II, the “Hofpürglhütte”, and the Lammer Valley are taken on-route as well.

Gosaukamm I

Austria 47.483694, 13.5094 208° 1,700m

Gosaukamm I, Austria

14 Aug 2010

Looking east on the way to the “Hofpürglhütte” (Hofpürgl Hut), this magnificent view of the Gosaukamm on the left and the “Hoher Dachstein” mountains (2,995m) straight ahead can be seen. The mountain on the right is the 2,247m “Rötelstein”. As included in the name, parts of the rock of this mountain are colored red. When you zoom in on the picture, you can see it even from this distance. You can also see where the Austriasteig follows along below the Gosaukamm ridge. On a small flat it passes by the “Hofpürglhütte”. Another panorama shot pictures the Gosaukamm looking west.

Gosaukamm II

Austria 47.482968, 13.517768 159° 1,680m

Gosaukamm II, Austria

14 Aug 2010

The second panorama picture of the Gosaukamm mountain ridge is taken facing west. If you watch closely, you can see the hiking trail following along the slopes of the ridge. How is the view when you would turn around? Check it out and view the panorama of the Gosaukamm facing east.

Hofpuergl Hut

Austria 47.48236, 13.519072 360° 1,700m

Hofpuergl Hut, Austria

14 Aug 2010

To fully see the full 360°-panorama picture you should click on the picture and zoom in on the details. As you can see on the signs of the hut, it is located at 1,703m above sea level. Beginning on the “left” of the panorama, you will see the south face of the “Bischofsmütze” (2,458m). Right below the closest rock face (2,088m high “Mosermandl”), the Gosaukamm round trip trail follows along to lead over the 2,018m high “Steiglpass”. It’s a little hard to track it down on the picture, but if you zoom in on the highest level you might see a small pitch of white below the ridge straight ahead from the hut. From there, go a little bit to the left and you can see a path winding up the scree slope of the pass. This is where you have to go up until the top of the ridge is reached. The peak right next to the pass is called “Steiglkogl” (2,204m). From there, the mountain ridge is called “Gosaustein”. The high peaks start with the “Hochkesselkopf” (2,454m) and the “Eiskarlspitz” (2,480m). The highes peak on the right is the “Torstein” (2,948m). Behind this mountain – covered in clouds – the “Hoher Dachstein” (2,995m) is located. On the north face of these peaks, there are three glaciers: the “Gosaugletscher”, the “Hallstätter Gletscher”, and the “Schladminger Gletscher”. On the north end of the “Gosaugletscher” another alpine hut is located – the “Adamekhütte” (2,196m). Some time in the future I will take a panorama shot from there.
This panorama has been featured on mountainpanoramas.com.

Lammer Valley

Austria 47.521393, 13.475235 195° 1,500m

Lammer Valley, Austria

15 Aug 2010

This panorama shot pictures the “Lammertal” with the village of Annaberg straight ahead in the middle. The mountain range behind is the “Tennengebirge”. The residential area is you can see is a “park” of holiday homes which in winter is located right next to the ski slopes of Annaberg. The panorama is taken from the Austriasteig right below the west face on the “Gosaukamm” mountain range.