The National Mall, Washington D.C.

United States 38.889658, -77.023428 360° n/a

The National Mall, Washington D.C., United States

19 Apr 2011

The National Mall in Washington D.C. is a large strip of green that’s guarded by many historic buildings that house museums and institutions. The obelisk curtails it towards the east and the Capitol marks the end on the west side. On the 360° panorama you can see from left to right: the Smithsonian Institution, the Obelisk, the National Museum of Natural History, a government building, the National Archives, the National Gallery of Art, the United States Capitol, the Smithsonian Institution National Air and Space Museum, the Hishhorn Museum, and the Smithsonian Institution again.

Minneapolis/St. Paul Twins Stadium

United States 44.981865, -93.277494 171° n/a

Minneapolis/St. Paul Twins Stadium, United States

27 Apr 2011

The Target Field Stadium of the Twins (from the twin-cities Minneapolis and St Paul) is a newly built baseball stadium. My first-in-life baseball game was a very special one: it was freezing cold and it snowed for most of the time. After warming up with some deep-fried cheese curds under lizard lights, the cold was bearable. Despite the weather, the scenery was very pretty impressive. This is what the panorama tries to capture.

Moquah Lake, WI

United States 46.248596, -90.860971 203° 380m

Moquah Lake, WI, United States

30 Apr 2011

This sunset panorama was taken on the shore of Moquah Lake in Chequamegon National Forest in northern Wisconsin. The clouds looked really bizarre this night and gave the sky an interesting texture with the setting sun – a beautiful scenery. If this weren’t enough already, a loon started calling out on the water. An unforgettable moment with the hope to have it again some day.